Highly Converting Website Copy

Flora Salguero is a branding expert with 12 years of experience helping professionals and entrepreneurs to create their brand identity to connect better with their target audience.


Powerful Website Copy That Converts


Flora Salguero is a successful brand designer who came to us for website copy improvement. She felt like something was missing in the structure / wording of her services.

The process

01. Discovery call: We wanted to find out everything there is to know about her business. Such as her vision, clients, as well as future goals. Understanding what she exactly wants is key step towards the process.

02. Comprehensive Strategy: Includes researching her target audience and analysing the top market players.

03. Feedback And Review: In this process  Flora gets to review the first draft of her website copy and provide us with feedback.

04. Final Review & implementation

The result

A powerful website copy and new website structure in alignment with her branding voice, tone and vision.


“Maha helped me improve the copy of my website, I felt that something was missing, she understood me perfectly and was able to apply it in words, not only was she a support in the copy of my website, but she also came with ideas on how to improve the structure of the information and now everything makes sense and I feel super confident that the website is ready to receive my clients. Thank you Maha, we will continue working together on more projects!”

Flora Salguero

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