Facebook & Instagram Ads With a ROAS Of 6.26

Australian e-Commerce brand passionate about crafting tailored, beautiful and functional home decor pieces, providing high-quality products that are customised to meet the unique needs of their audience.


Powerful Meta Ads Generating Over 6% ROAS In It’s First Week


A semi-new eCommerce store was generating minimal online sales organically. However, Kayali’s Store needed a Meta ads
strategy built from scratch to help them scale online through paid ads.

The process

01. Discovery call: We wanted to find out everything there is to know about their business such as their vision as well as future goals. Understanding what they exactly want to achieve was a crucial step towards the process.

02. Comprehensive Strategy: Includes researching their target audience and analysing the top market players.

03. Implementation: Once they gave us the go-ahead for their Facebook ads strategy, we worked with our design and content team to build compelling ad creatives that got them sky high ROAS. Then, we launched powerful campaign that reached out thousands of people who were interested in their product.

04. Report, monitor and optimise: We regularly monitor their ad performance, making tweaks and optimisations for performance. Making sure the ads performed aligns with their objective.

The result

We created a comprehensive Meta ads strategy for Kayali’s store. To begin, we launched and tested Facebook and Instagram ads. In the first week, the results of testing two creatives were profitable, generating $3,220.40 in revenue, with a weekly ad spend as low as $514.88, all while maintaining a ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) of 6.26.

We also suggested testing multiple creatives and offering discounts to maximize conversion rates. One of the main challenges with Kayali’s Store is the lack of media assets. Nevertheless, we continue to scale and optimize through testing multiple creatives and different ad placements





Amount Spent





“Within one week of working with Maha, we started to see a significant increase in traffic to our store. We also began generating more traffic and sales. She has helped us grow our business with paid ads and achieve our marketing goals.”

KayaliStore Co-Founder & CEO

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