Result Driven & Strategic Social Media Content Creation

OCD Recovery Coaching service aims to make people aware that OCD is something that you don’t have to suffer from. To bring OCD out of the darkness and increase understanding – so that people can recover.


Powerful And Strategic Social Media Content Creation


OCD Recovery challenge was keeping up with social media trends. To further increase engaement and awareness of their cause, they needed to do more than what’s been done. This left them feeling disappointed and unsure about the structure of their social media accounts.

They wanted to transform their social media accounts so they can reach people of all ages who suffers from OCD.

The process

01. Discovery call: We wanted to find out everything there is to know about their business such as their vision as well as future goals. Understanding what they exactly want to achieve was a crucial step towards the process.

02. Comprehensive Strategy: Includes researching their target audience and analysing the top market players.

03. Implementation: Once they gave us the go-ahead for their social media content strategy, we worked with our content creation team to create content that resonates with their target audience. 

04. Monthly Report: We regularly monitor their social media perofrmance. Making sure the content aligns with their objective.

The result

We currently produce / edit OCD Recovery  videos on Instagram/Tiktok and Youtube accounts.


Followers increased from 8,037 to 8,416, a 4.72% increase.


Followers increased from 11,400 to 11,900, a 4.39% increase.

TikTok – Views Video 1


TikTok – Views Video 2


TikTok – Views Video 3


New followers



Maha is incredibly hands on and passionate about her work which keep us moving forward at an incredible pace. I highly recommend Maha if you are looking to take your social media to the next level!

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